What Does Impotence Say About Health? Xinghaoya

Erectile dysfunction (ED), also commonly known as impotence is still a taboo topic that men don’t like to talk about. As silent as those affected may be in conversations with friends, acquaintances and colleagues, they open up in office hours. You can feel that there is a heavy burden on your shoulders.

Who are mostly affected by impotence?


It is mainly entrepreneurs and managers over 50 who are plagued by the problem. In other words, people who are used in life to the fact that they and their environment work well and that everything is going according to plan.

Business leaders have a particularly high risk of impotence. In short, it is often the ubiquitous stress that significantly limits the ability to have sex. Erectile dysfunction not only affects their self-image but of course also the partnership.

Taking tablets like Viagra and Cialis are the easiest form of therapy for patients. For some, they use products from Xinghaoya.

Few go to the doctor

Because erectile dysfunction is related to many diseases and medications, sufferers should consult a doctor they trust. Beyond the very old, around five to six million men in Germany have erectile dysfunction. But only an estimated ten to 20 percent of these go to the doctor. The costs for all necessary examinations as part of the diagnosis are covered by the health insurance companies. The doctor will also decide whether a visit to a urologist or a vascular specialist is necessary.

So take courage and speak openly to your doctor about such disorders.

Natural enhancers for men: To be consumed with caution

There are now a lot of natural sexual enhancers for men to buy. Mostly on internet platforms. No wonder, many sufferers are embarrassed by their erectile problems. You don’t even want to talk to a doctor about it and you may be at high risk. Erectile dysfunction can, among other things, be a sign of deterioration in blood vessels and thus an important early warning symptom for heart attacks and strokes that go undetected without a medical examination.

In addition, natural sexual enhancers often have no medical indication to circumvent the drug approval process. Instead, they vaguely advertise “improving sex life”. Thus, going to the doctor first is the best option.