Details About ABCS Surgeons

1. ABCS will be the certifying board that checks expertise and a surgeon’s understanding solely in plastic surgery.

2. Our doctors have done a 1-2 year fellowship, where they’ve experienced solely in patient care & plastic surgery.

3. A doctor should to attain ABCS board certification:

Invest a complete year coaching solely and thoroughly in plastic surgery
Execute a the least 300 personal plastic surgery procedures of the experience, chest and body (suggested minimum requirement of cosmetic surgery residencies is just 55 cases)
Obtain extra in depth learning non surgical cosmetic procedures, including Botox & additives, laser ablation, and skincare (cosmetic surgery residencies actually have no education needs for these solutions)
Conduct and record one more minimal group of cosmetic treatments following completion of just one-year fellowship
Move an extensive, thorough 2 Day dental and written examination covering all facets of plastic surgery

4. Our doctors only run in medical centers and approved hospitals.

5. Our doctors are double-board certified.

6. Our doctors have already been carefully tested to guarantee the highest degree of excellent moral character, ethical practice, and patient safety.

7. ABCS certified physicians are re examined every ten years.

8. Select ABCS doctors make a Certification of Additional Qualification, identifying them as professionals in Chest, Body & Extremity or Facial Cosmetic Surgery Plastic Surgery.

9. Only doctors who invest in obtaining this degree of quality in plastic surgery may qualify to sit down for that ABCS evaluation.