10 Weight Loss Benefits You Did Not Expect

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Are you losing weight or have you planned to do so soon? You are probably looking forward to being able to wear that nice dress in the closet again or to buy a new pair of pants in a size smaller. In addition, there are a number of benefits of weight loss that you may not have thought of yet. So before you look for Protetox, below I have listed ten unexpected benefits of losing weight for you. If that’s not a good motivation!

1. Your taste improves

Research shows that being overweight can cause your sense of taste to deteriorate. If you lose weight, your taste will actually improve. As a result, you may enjoy tasty and healthy food more.

You no longer need flavor enhancers or other strong-tasting additives. On the contrary. Products full of sugar, salt, and other less healthy additives can actually counteract you. In contrast, you can probably appreciate the taste of unprocessed and pure products more.

2. Your airways are healthier

If you’re used to your eyes starting to itch as soon as trees, shrubs, and flowers start blooming in the spring, it may have to do with your weight. If you carry excess weight with you, it does not only burden your knees, hips, and back.

Your adrenal and respiratory organs are also burdened by a higher body weight. As a result, existing respiratory complaints – such as asthma and hay fever – can worsen.

If you have reached your target weight, it may just be that you no longer need the inhaler and that you can also reduce antihistamines. Always do this in consultation with your doctor.

3. Your work becomes easier

There are indications that losing weight improves the functioning of your brain. Not only would you remember things better. Changing tasks is also easier for you. As a result, it may be that your work is easier if you have lost some pounds.

4. Your priorities change

Don’t be surprised if your priorities change with every pound you lose. For example, you may find healthy eating more important, as is spending time with the people you love. Also exercise and being happy can now suddenly be given more priority.

5. You have a higher libido

If your BMI drops, you get excited more easily. That’s thanks to rising testosterone levels. If you are slimmer, you may also feel more beautiful in your nude. That can also be the reason that you feel more like making love.


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6. You may need less medication

You probably already know that a healthy weight is good for your heart and blood sugar levels. Did you also know that losing weight can help to relieve other, existing complaints?

That means you may be able to take a lower dose of your current medications or even stop them altogether. So keep in touch with your doctor while losing weight to see if your medication needs to be adjusted.

7. You enjoy sex more

Research shows that if you lose only 10 percent of body weight, your sex life improves significantly. That is perhaps another surprising and pleasant side effect of losing weight.

8. You sleep better

Once you’ve lost some weight, you’ll probably feel better. Especially if the excess weight is around your neck. This can cause sleep apnea and snore. If this weight disappears, these complaints usually disappear as well.

9. You are calmer and more relaxed

Although everyone reacts differently to weight loss, a more relaxed posture can be one of the many benefits.

10. You are less hungry

If you lose weight by eating healthy and low-carb, you will be less hungry. This is not only because this diet is rich in satiating nutrients. Because your hormones are also in balance, your appetite decreases.